Fingerprint Matching and Verification

Fingerprint matching is used to unveil the identity of the unknown and suspected fingerprints. It is generally used in various complicated cases like fingerprint identification on affidavits, official documents, legal claims and identifications etc. It is usually done with the help of the latest technology on either visible or smudged fingerprints.

What used to be a niche, forensics-associated term, mentioned only at a crime scene involving an instance of theft, perjury, or assault, Fingerprint identification is now a part of our day-to-day routines. From unlocking personal mobile devices, accessing secure locations, subscribing to a key financial or technical service, or simply marking attendance at your office, a simple Fingerprint Identification is a way to go.

Fingerprint Identification is also part of several other biometric identification features. A fingerprint ID is sometimes crucial for processes to run, and without the correct fingerprint where required can very well be considered an act of breach or even assault!

At FICS, our team of specialists offer professional-grade forensic fingerprint evaluation to ensure originality and credibility has maintained for any piece of evidence that carries the subject fingerprint. Our evaluation procedures are established well within the legal frameworks so that the evidence is considered legitimate and useful in a court of Law.

FICS or Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services (FICS) is an ISO 9001-2015 certified Forensic Investigative and Service Agency excelling in forensic fingerprint identification and evaluation with a proven track record of assisting with key legal proceedings. We often work in close coordination with national law enforcement agencies, corporates, banks, and financial and regulatory institutions with a nationwide reach.

Fingerprint Matching and Verification
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