IT Security

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services:

Vulnerability Testing is the process to explore the potential threat in the systems of IT infrastructure. After accessing the vulnerabilities, Forensic Service India experts runs an in-depth penetration analysis to further exploit the systems for vulnerabilities by implementing the tactics and attacks incorporated by hackers.

Steps for Vulnerability and Penetration Testing:

  1. Information Collection
  2. Analysing Threats
  3. Assessing Vulnerabilities
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Analysis Report

Our VAPT Services Includes:

  • Web Applications VAPT
  • Mobile Applications VAPT
  • Devices VAPT
IT Security

Source Code Review:

Source Code Review/Security Code Review/Static Code Analysis is the practise of auditing or reviewing the source code of the website/application to exploit any existing potential security vulnerability.

This Review keeps the necessary security point control checks like:
  • Encryption
  • Input data filtration
  • Range Checking
  • Data type Check, etc.

Source Code Review helps to check and fix vulnerabilities in applications while in the development process. Also, it is the best way to exploit vulnerabilities that might have gone unnoticed during the vulnerability and Penetration testing process.

We offer:

Automated Code Review – We use tools and scripts to review the source code to detect common programming bugs for fast and coherent analysis.

Manual Code Review – We extend automated review with manual review of the application’s source code which are not being evaluated with tools and scripts to identify and review security points in source code architecture.


IT Security Implementation Service:

As the technologies like Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are evolving continuously, so are the risks of cyberattacks increasing. Today, Industries of every size, whether small or big, are exposed to cyber threats.

Poor security networks make companies vulnerable to cyber threats. Considering the importance of data and network protection, companies have started implementing security measures in the starting stage.

Implementing cybersecurity is a challenging and time-taking process which requires detailed planning before executing it in real.

Forensic Services India brings you the best solution for cybersecurity implementation, so that your company adopt cybersecurity measures from the early stage of the project. We help you to prevent, identify, and monitor the access of any internal or external malicious actor (Hacker or dissatisfied employee).

Steps for Cybersecurity Implementation:

  • Defining Data Store boundaries
  • Discouraging Internal Threats
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Network Sub-division
  • Vulnerability Detection and Solution
  • Security and Privacy Principles
  • Data Mapping

ISO 27001 Implementation:

In the age of Social Media, security of information has become more vulnerable to cyber threats than ever before.

Complicated IT Systems in the contemporary world are processing tons of information very quickly every second of clock. It is very important to ensure that information should process safely, should remain confidential, maintain its integrity, and available to concern person. Leak of information results into the trust issues in the market and most importantly leads to the competitive disadvantages.

ISO 27001 Standards describes the requirements of security implementations and documentation for Information Security Management System as per Global requirements. ISO 27001 certification helps your organization in minimizing security risks and establishing IT security procedures, which contributes in the long run optimization of the systems quality.

While Implementing ISO 27001 Certification, Forensic Services India use global standards to assess the security of information and IT infrastructure. Post ISO 27001 implementation, we allow you to review the conformity of information security management system as per ISO 27001 Standards.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification:

  • High Trust Level
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Confidential Handling of information as per International Standards
  • Security Risks Minimization
  • Lower Costs by Optimization of structures.

IT (Cybersecurity) Audit Service:

Organizations functions smoothly when security policies are implemented effectively. If security policies are not enforced properly, organization’s security and business will always be at risk. Forensic Services India provides the best security audit services that helps you to check the effectiveness of security policies implementation. Our security audits primarily focus on to find out vulnerabilities in security systems and their implementation procedures.

Our team of Security Audit experts not only work to find vulnerabilities in security, but also to find the factors causing non-compliance issues. We further help you in creating a security compliant effective risk management system that your organization confident with.

Forensic Services India Security Audit Process:

  • Organization’s Security analysis
  • Vulnerability detection in Security set up (Infrastructure, technology, Employees, and Process)
  • Security remedies to remove vulnerabilities.

The times we live in can be best described as an era of living on the edge where felony keeps getting increasingly sinister every day. That puts every aspect of our lives in peril as security threats are getting deeper and the ever-vicious cycle of felons continue to exploit new loopholes in their target systems or legal frameworks for more and more malevolent motives.

With AI & IoT (Internet of Things) enabled by a combination of Software as a Service (Saas) continuing to connect homes, workplaces, and individuals directly on the internet, the threat potential has suddenly peaked at alarming levels. In such a scenario, we need a cyber security defense system to protect any tangible or intangible entity at stake.

The Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services (FICS) is an ISO 9001-2015 certified Forensic Investigative and Service Agency with robust technological know-how and ably experienced in handling almost every known or potential cyber security challenge.

Our team is an amalgamation of young and dynamic technocrats working with highly experienced pioneers in cyber security, commanding multi-disciplinary expertise. We offer state-of-the-art threat intelligence that keeps you one step ahead in the game. For enterprises, we also provide multi-level vulnerability tests for threat assessments for related business concerns.

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