Cyber Forensics Investigation

With more and more businesses establishing a presence on the internet, with billions of transactions occurring daily, one can only imagine the threat that looms large in the form of cyber-attacks. No less than a thousand brands continue to get affected with multiple instances and forms of fraud, misconduct, money laundering, and corrupt practices daily.

In such a tumultuous environment, it is extremely vital having a highly competent and professional cyber security firm at your side that covers the entire spectrum of cyber forensic investigation services.

We specialize in data retrieval, acquiring credible digital evidence for legal proceedings, and offer guidance to our clients seeking help in legal procedures. Our approach to every case, irrespective of its scale or credentials, is consistently objective and quick while upholding the sensitivity it requires.

The Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services (FICS) is an ISO 9001-2015 certified Forensic Investigative and Service Agency with robust technical knowledge and experience in the forensic domains. Our team is an amalgamation of young and dynamic technocrats working with highly experienced pioneers in cyber forensics, commanding multi-disciplinary expertise.

Our Services:

  • Collection of digital evidence from crime scene
  • Data Recovery from Laptop, Desktop, Portable Hard drive/Pen drive, memory card etc.
  • Password Recovery
  • Email Analysis
  • Internet Artifacts Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Live System Analysis for Vulnerability
  • Volatility Analysis
Cyber Forensics
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