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Are you? Are you the one who is looking for someone who can provide justice which you are not getting anywhere? Have you ever heard about forensic science and crime investigation or mobile forensic investigations or Corporate Investigations? The Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services is an ISO 9001-2015 certified Forensic Investigative and Service Agency with its firm technological knowledge and experiences in the Forensic domains


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We offer the most reliable, affordable, impartial, confidential, and comprehensive solutions encompassing any range of forensic services including criminal, legal investigations, undercover services.



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Nishant Singh is a forensic expert and the founder of the Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services firm in Noida. In the last three years, the firm has expanded and it currently has seven branches across the country. “My partner and I started our business with very little investment. We were determined to grow slowly but steadily. We had a lot to learn from the corporate sector. In fact, what we studied in college was not enough to work in the field,” says Singh.

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