Private Investigation


Are you looking for a private investigator for individuals in India? At FICS, we offer this service. All of our private investigators are legally authorized by the Govt of India, so we develop our detective work for individuals in accordance with the law and the maximum guarantees, and at the end of our investigation, we prepare an investigation report that includes the actions normally taken, providing photos and videos that are in court can be made available as they have full judicial validity and must be ratified by the private investigator.

As good private investigators, we offer you trust, confidentiality, and personal treatment in the form of fully professional private investigators. 
Whether it is for an investigation, a request for an investigation, or anything concerning the private security of an individual or a company, Opt for the services of a private investigator. He will be able to carry out the investigation or investigation which will allow you to better understand the situation.


FICS offers several investigative services adapted for individuals and/or companies such as industries, lawyers, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.)

  • Pre-rental surveys
  • Pre-employment surveys
  • Solvency, search for assets and seizable goods
  • Searches for individuals, addresses, jobs, or information
  • Private investigation services
  • Cell phone number search
  • Monitoring and surveillance of people
  • Cyber ​​investigations or computer crimes (social networks, websites, etc.)


Our team offers quality and performance service and above all at competitive prices. We are efficient, quick to execute and confidentiality is at the heart of our concerns.

In addition, we create the most economical survey plans for our clients.

  • Individual information: You wish to carry out research on an individual to obtain certain information
  • Information for businesses: Do you want to establish lasting business relationships and would like to obtain information on certain companies?
  • Infiltration Private surveillance for adultery, fraud, work accident, absenteeism. To avoid labor disputes or the sale of drugs
  • Cyber ​​Investigations: We can help you with various types of cyber investigations or intrusion computer crimes (social networks, websites, etc.)