Handwriting Examination


Handwriting/signatures are checked for authenticity during the forensic writing examinations. Authors who write anonymous letters are also often identified with the help of forensic writing.

In practice, our service is often used to check wills, handwritten or signed documents, and contracts if there is any doubt about the authenticity of the handwriting or signature. If necessary, an expert opinion can be submitted on already existing written reports. If you contact us and briefly describe your case, we will send you extensive information on the subject.

Case study

Some case studies from practice that are often worked on by our reviewer:

  • You have a suspicion that a contract was not signed by the name owner
  • You suspect that a will was not signed or written by the testator
  • You receive anonymous documents and want to identify the cause
  • You have doubts about the authenticity of your own signature
  • A contract partner denies the signature he has provided
  • There are doubts about the signature on bank receipts such as B. Disbursement Receipts
  • If necessary, an expert opinion can also be submitted on existing written reports

 Graphology: We systematically investigate criminal activities

The area of ​​forensics in investigative work is diverse: For example, forensic and graphological written reports, but also securing mobile devices and evaluating digital traces.

 Graphological written reports

Many documents such as wills, contracts, and checks can be forged to the detriment of other people. Do you suspect that a signature on an important document could possibly be fake? We check the authenticity of signatures on contracts, documents, and wills! The forensic examination of written documents is undoubtedly one of the demanding tasks of our investigator agency. Contact us if you are unsure about signing an important document.


In addition to private individuals as clients, we have in the past prepared written reports for companies, banks, insurance companies, public prosecutors, and courts. The written reports can be used in court.

Our expert for forensic writing examinations has carried out this activity as a writing expert for more than 5 years in the civil service as an official expert for forensic writing examinations. Through constant participation in national and international conferences and other specialist seminars, his level of knowledge is always up to date.