Cyber Forensic Investigation

Cyber Forensic Investigation

cyber forensic invetigation

Cyber Forensic Investigation Services is required by each and every  company or organization, whether small or bigger, you would always like to keep your business information safe and secured. But the problem arises when you have to deal with computer fraud. Yes, cyber criminals may create trouble for your business whether online or offline.

There could be different types of cyber crimes – from computer fraud to financial fraud. Most of the frauds in a company are done using computer and technology. Are you dealing with defamation or identity theft on the internet? If so, then you seek professional help.

When it comes to getting rid of cyber crimes of any sort, you need to look at nowhere else but cyber forensic investigation. We at FICS provide cyber forensic investigation services online to help contemporary businesses getting rid of online fraud and trouble.

So, What Is Cyber Forensic Investigation?

When a crime is done using digitally such as computer, smart phones and internet it comes under cyber crime. When it comes to determining cyber forensic investigation in simple words, it is a process that helps finding the true reasons and evidences behind a crime. Cyber forensic investigators collect data from devices, computers, internet, and even other digital resources so that criminal can be caught.

Basically, cyber forensics investigators investigate scientifically/forensically about a cyber-crime.

Why Do Your Company Need Cyber Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services?

There are various reasons behind choosing this innovative service, but the most important one is to provide adequate security and integrity of data belonging to or connecting to your organization’s network. Whether it is about solving hardcore crimes or online defamation cases, cyber forensic technology comes as the best option to go with.

Now, the question arises here why you should go with this service? Actually, you need services of cyber forensic investigators for stated below reasons.

  • If you ignore information theft, your business may lose money.
  • Due to identity theft, you may have to face lots of professional and personal problems.
  • Cyber crimes can be done using different identities or hidden source of information. Thus, it’s really difficult for you to capture real culprit.
  • If you want to keep an eye on the activities of employees at your business premises, cyber experts can be of great help.
  • In case of damaging digital documents or other online stuffs, cyber forensic can be your savage.
  • With the help of cyber forensic investigators, you can collect electronic evidences against the criminals.
  • It could be easier for you to recognize actual source of malicious acts or files with the help of cyber forensic.
  • Since cyber forensics experts know how to retrieve deleted data from even a damaged or broken device, they can help you getting rid of the technology-driven crimes.

How Cyber Forensics Investigators at FICS Can Help You?

Whether you want to get an online financial fraud or digital theft case resolved, you need to seek help from experienced cyber forensics experts. We at FICS have experienced investigators with great expertise on dealing with cyber crimes – from corporate frauds to stock scam.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are always ready to help you in getting rid of online fraud. Now, the question arises here how cyber investigators at FICS can help you. So, let’s check out how we can help you getting your problem resolved.

  • First, experts at FICS will collect information about the crime or fraud from you and employees at your business premise.
  • Our cyber experts will collect, analyze and research various digital resources, computer hard drives, devices, and equipments to find real source of crime and criminal.
  • We don’t just try to resolve the problem, but we also provide you scientific evidences against the person or company who is breaching your privacy.
  • We at FICS identify various digital evidences associated to the case.
  • Since online criminals simply delete files to avoid evidences, we have a team of experts that can easily retrieve deleted files, documents and other digital stuffs even from a damaged computer or device.
  • Our experts collect digital evidences that can easily be used for criminal or civil cases in the court.
  • We provide thorough cyber investigation to our clients so that they can identify real security issues. By fixing those issues, our clients can avoid future frauds or scams.

So, Where Do Actually Cyber Forensics Is Needed?

Cyber forensics, also known as computer forensics, digital forensics, etc. is a technology-based investigation process. There are different types of cases where you need to avail services of cyber forensics experts.

Let’s have a quick look at a few most popular cases where you need to look for cyber forensic investigation.

  • File tempering.
  • Fraud, extortion and other criminal offenses using internet and other technology.
  • Norwich orders or Anton piller.
  • Investigating labor law crimes involved technology.
  • Investigating corporate crimes as well as industrial crimes.
  • Internal auditing of suspected things, devices and even people.
  • Dealing with intellectual property theft such as stealing of coding, software and even digital products.  
  • Breaching privacy and security of a business or company such as leaking information about new product launch or service.  
  • Unauthorized disclosure of business or other information. It may influence the stock prices of a company.
  • Hacking of computer and other devices.
  • Defamation of company, products, or services.
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Phishing, vishing and smishing.
  • Stealing confidential business information from other companies using technology.
  • How to deal with viruses and malware such as ransomware.
  • How to deal with defamation against a corporate firm.
  • Dealing with mass malfunction attack on devices like computers, printers and software at business premises.

Do You Also Need Help?

Whether you are dealing with a cyber crime against your business or you just want to know the loopholes in the security of your business, you need to seek help from FICS (Forensic Investigations and Consultancy Services). So, if you want to get your problem resolved within a short span of time, you need to get in touch with experts at FICS.